mood: confused n down
music: tove stryke - call my name

The Fear
Once again I decided to lose everything, to start something new. New problems, new shit. Once again I loathe my own reflection, body, mortality. Nice-lookin' will never be perfect, will never be enough.
Once again I stumble through life without any direction.

It's all about fightin' for yourself, staying alive. I guess I already lost my mind. Nothing seems as it should be. My world is contorted as I am.
I even can't recall the reasons why I trashed this love. I probably thought of freedom could be better than feelin' save 'n' loved. There's no way of gettin' back - so I should clear my mind to move on. But finally emotions are killin' me.                                         

Ben hayatımı özledim...

31.3.12 09:43

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